DHI’s core engineering and project management expertise have unsurpassed breadth and depth of experience in completions technology.

DHI also develops and delivers innovative technologies that can become—along with the associated IP—part of your product portfolio.

We hold numerous patents for our work, which spans three decades.

Our team’s expertise includes:

Upper Completion Systems

DHI designs and delivers qualified packer platforms on a weekly basis. These products are designed to the highest standards and tested to their full operating envelopes under ISO 14310 qualification requirements. DHI has delivered packer sizes from 4-1/2-in. to 13-3/8-in., and qualification levels from V6 to V0. Full design documentation packages are maintained on all designs. DHI has experience with materials including 4140 Alloy Steel, 13 Chrome, and Inconel 718 platforms. We have also developed Packing Element Systems that will withstand the most rigorous pressure differentials using HNBR and Aflas compounds.

Lower Completion Systems

DHI has direct experience with various lower completion products, including some unique Limited Entry Liner products that allow clients working in long extended reach applications to install their liner systems more easily, as well as help in the accurate placement of acid stimulations distributed along the target reservoir. We have developed numerous accessory tools for the lower completion such as sleeves for zonal control and open hole packers for zonal compartmentalization. DHI can help with your lower completion needs.

Unconventional Frac Systems

Clients have engaged DHI for developing Liner Hangers and deployment tools, as well as multiplier type frac systems. DHI has extensive experience in all aspects of unconventional products, including Toe Test Subs and Frac Plugs.

Well Service and Intervention Products

DHI has designed and qualified various sizes of Drillable Cast Iron products to ISO 14310 – V3 standards. In addition, DHI has manufactured and delivered Service Tools for performing squeeze and test jobs, including sizes from 4-1/2-in. to 9-5/8-in.

Dissolvable Technologies

DHI has a dedicated test set-up for evaluating dissolution rates and material longevity. Currently, we are managing several projects utilizing dissolvable materials for various downhole applications, including for use in Frac Plugs, Test Subs, and LEL Liner Systems.

Supply Chain Expertise

Our global supply chain knowledge extends from many years of experience, including working with several low-cost country suppliers based in Latin America, the Middle East, Russia, and Southeast Asia. Our core manufacturing facilities are located in the Houston, but we have extensive relationships from years of working in most global geo-markets. DHI can assist in manufacturing and supply of any downhole product manufacturing need.