Customized engineering support you need, only when you need it.

Scalable Engineering Solutions from DHI deliver the resources of a fully staffed engineering department—only when you need it.

Now, smaller companies can pursue market opportunities otherwise out of reach. And larger companies can develop new products and technologies without adding to staff or facilities.

DHI also develops and delivers innovative technologies that can become—along with the associated IP—part of your product portfolio.

Please tour our site or contact us to discover how we can benefit your company by giving you the capability, the technology—and opportunities—that were previously out of reach.

Here are just a few examples of successful DHI projects:

Example 1: Technology Development and Product Testing
  • Client Issue: The client needed to have another size (heavy-weight) of an existing seal-bore packer platform. The new product was also required to be made from a special Inconel material and had to be tested and qualified to the ISO 14310 V3 standard.
  • DHI Solution: The client utilized DHI to fulfill the needs of a regional contract requirement. DHI managed the entire engineering and product scaling of the product. The client was involved in the full detailed design review process.DHI manufactured the prototype tools and conducted the full-scale product qualification testing, and completed the ISO 14310 V3 test requirement. Following the qualification, DHI manufactured and delivered seven (7) production units for the client to his region in order to fulfill the contract.
  • Beneficial Results: Products were installed successfully. DHI was able to meet all of the client’s time and cost requirements and delivered a successful design package and product that enhanced the client’s product offering.
Example 2: Technology Consultancy / Proof of Concept Development
  • Client Issue: Recently, DHI worked with a client to determine the viability of applying a special and unique material to work in a downhole application. It was unknown if the material would perform under the conditions of the well’s application.
  • DHI Solution: DHI designed and carried out a series of ‘proof tests’ whereby the actual application of the unique material was put into a simulated well condition utilizing the exact pressure and temperature expected in the well application. The material reaction was studied and documented such that a final design approach could be taken.
  • Beneficial Results: This project is active and on-going.
Example 3: Application Engineering / Special Order Support Capabilities
  • DHI provides overall product support and will, at a client’s request, provide sustaining engineering expertise. As part of the product development program, DHI will define the operational limitations of the product and under the ISO 14310 standard, DHI will qualify the product to insure that the product performs to the outer limits of the operation envelope for the product.
    Under a sustaining contract, DHI will continue to evaluate and support all requests for new materials, design modifications or variants, and future special orders as required.


Example 4: Quick Response Manufacturing / Low-cost Global Supply Chain
  • Client Issue: The client was looking for a local supply option for one Eastern Hemisphere country.
  • DHI Solution: Through our extensive manufacturing network, DHI developed local pricing and delivery for the client through a quality manufacturing partnership.
  • Beneficial Result: This solution provided the client with lower cost and a faster response to the local market needs, allowing them to be competitive in the region they were working.